Sunday, October 4, 2009

I wonder what kind of sauce goes with a rainbow?

Had an Idea to gather all the songs i knew that had food or were food related in the title.
All I have is EAT IT....must think about this more.

ok, so here we go:
Eat for Two: 10,000 Maniacs
Sushi Bar : Shonen Knife
Mayonnaise: Smashing Pumpkins
Quiche Lorraine: B 52's
Hot Cakes: Carley Simon
Egg Man: Beastie Boys
The Egss of Satan: Tool
Spam: Monty Python
Pulling mussles from a shell" -Squeeze
Soup is Good Food- Dead Kennedys
Satan Gave me a Taco- Beck
Chicken- The Cramps
Pork Soda- Primus
 Chocolate Jesus- Tom Waits
Hot Sauce- Thomas Dolby
Pour Some Sugar on Me - Def Leppard
Lemon" - U2
Strawberry Fields Forever - Beatles
"Raspberry Beret - Prince
Cinnamon Girl" - Neil Young
I want Candy- Bow Wow Wow
American Pie Don McLean
Brown Sugar The Rolling Stones

thats all i got right now as I am very tired and need to sleep some before work....

Rock and Roll may soothe the soul but Osso Bucco makes me hot and bothered...

I love the rich , deep flavors that fall brings. Fall and Spring bring the best variety in terms food.
I mean , really venison, turkey, cranberries, squashes, rabbit,potatoes, root vegetables apples and pears..mmmmm
The colors of lend themselves to creative palates of dark chocolate browns and , deep sienna reds , burnt oranges and rich yellows.
We also indulge in musky ,oakie, earthy almost feel like your tasting the mother nature. Rich goat cheese is made,  pomegranates  their rich color and antioxidant qualities are just the surface beauties of this hard to get at seed that adds texture and a burst of flavor to salads and sauces.
Fall harvest my favorite herb: Thyme. I LOVE goes with everything...salads, sauces, soups, ice cream( yes Ice Cream!!!!!) not one thing except say sushi can be enhanced by thyme.

Fall is probably one of the most over looked culinary seasons. People tend to lean to heavy dishes of stews and casseroles as the weather cools. But this need not be the case. Osso Bucco can be a light earthie dish  ,rich in oak and current flavors if done right.
Butternut squash and acorn squash tend to be over cooked then mashed up with cream and butter...nothing wrong in that. But why not simpley  steam them and puree with a bit of vegetable stock or soy milk for a light healthier soup or side. I personally like to roast either with olive oil and kosher salt...nice and carmlized.

And what about meats? Have you given Bison a whirl? Much leaner and tastier than regular beef. Makes excellent chili..but can be slightly pricier...FYI...ground beef peeps: get the 90/10 blend...better for you. and yields more end product than the much fattier 70/30 blend.
Or maybe rabbit and venison? A bit more of game taste to them but lean and delish!!

Hasenpfeffer rocks!!!

but i ramble as usual. ......

I almost forgot one of my favorite foods: APPLES !!!!!!
I love apples as much as i love diet pepsi!!!!! I mean they are so good in stuffing, pies , sauces, chutneys,bread muffins ...gosh i could go on and on!!!!!!!!


I will go have to find my fav apple recipe and post it. .....that's if i can find it in the mess i call