Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Flying Monkeies EVERYWHERE!

I am so not enjoying this feeling of being someone's pet project.

I mean really, at 40 years old , I have some clue of what I am doing. I just need people to back away and not micro manage me. That is the most irritating thing . I am seriously! I am not some strung out coke head of a chef in her 20-30's doing blow off the waiters tight stomach every night...not that I have ever know such experiences(wink wink ..nudge nudge).

I am fairly responsible with the company and for my own actions. Reckless when it suits me, mindful of the greater picture and I think we can all say that if I actually had an ego, I would be that coked out whore of a chef somewhere, not where I am now.

So why now am I getting all the interest? Oh I know you have ignored me. Pfft...whatever. It is all good. I am glad you FINALLY noticed that I am a complete basket case because I am McGeyvering  here and along with twice doing two sometimes three full time persons jobs. And yet , I am the project.

Now grant it , I have not been told in so many words that I am because that would be insulting and I would probably get pissed off and make a scene ...least I think they think I would ..lol Oh to be a female chef among silly male chefs . I guess dealing with other female chefs who are super girly then dealing with me who, for this post is very ungirly, is new to some. I was complimented on my ungirlyness ...at least I think they were complimenting me.

So now I have to yet again prove myself capable. It means more sleepless night, more staying late, more headaches and more fighting a system that is failing because like a 1 year old shoving a square block into a round hole ,some parts don't fit properly or rather not at all. But why fix a problem...lets just wait till the whole system fails then blame each other....that's a SWELL IDEA (

Let me phase to watch Robot Chicken........

Ok, where was I???
Oh I am exhausted from thinking to much and thinking about the work it will take to make my units awesome...wait I mean AWESOME.

I kill for a pepsi max right now...

Saturday, November 19, 2011

yeah you got my back against the wall ...

I am a lot of things...

eclectic music taste loud crass bipolar a bit nuts caring stubborn giving(to much) sensitive mellow self destructive

One thing I am not is someone who enjoys petty bs from anyone especially from people who I liked...note the word liked. I am a fairly easy going person,even when I am stressed out. What I don't like and what gets me me worked up and my panties in a twist is when people around me make me look bad. I personally do a very good job at that and do not need any further assistance from ANYONE. I have a person I know(downgraded from friend) that has whined to the higher ups about something I helped them with that they can't do it when I showed them how to do it. They didnt even bother to call me first to see if I could help. Nope, just go to the boss and fuck me over a little bit. Then they refuse to give me back something unless I text or call them. Normally I might think it was cute if it werent for the fact they have an attitude about shit like he is always soooo busy and acts like I am not. Here in lies my stubborn side.I always thought friendships were two sided ..give and take etc etc. I am not a stalker..I am 40. I have better things to do with better friends who I care a whole hell a lot more about. And if he even bothered he know that my life is all messed up right now( not in a bad way, just in a very hectic oh shit I have tons of crap to take of and I am exhausted) .

Another thing I am dealing(that's on going) with is my staff and other managers. I happen I work with a few high strung people that have a tough time controlling what I like to call their"emotions" . They get worked up over little things and just keep talking about it till I want to toss them in the deep fryer. Others are just there to deal with their 10 hr day and then they are gone. No extra work ,no helping out . Nothing. What they dont understand is that in order to get the shit we need to get done , we need to work long hard hours. And yet it is only me(besides my boss) . I feel like being tested and while I enjoy the challenge, I don't have all the tools to help me and I am alone in this fight.....alone in the sense that I carry the burden of it .

I have 4 weeks to figure some stuff out while doing my day to day stuff, write two large menus, set up a few action plans, move, lose weight,find a sous chef(anyone with culinary experience PLEASE!!!), Do three fairly sizable events(one with the nob from above)and be a mom and"wife"...It isnt all that bad just a lot on the plate. Basically a 40lb turkey on a B&B plate.....lol

I need a drink, foot rub and a beach time......ya shelly, I am looking at you!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

nice and SQUISHIE

That's my brain right now. I have no idea if a brain can get over flown with information and stress but GOOD lord mine has reached that point of over flowing info. and I have to now figure shit out for my entire group. I wonder if it is to much to put on an already full plate and whether I am the person to do it. Then again maybe in my mind I am just busy but really I am not. This is how my mind works. So now I have to get people motivated to want to work harder for the same pay, managers to care and be consisted and for upper managers to back the fuck off so I can do my job...and do it everyday consistently which oh my is the PROBLEM. and answering dumb questions like how can the Italian wedding soup be veggie.....well take the fuckin meatballs and chicken out and its FUCKING VEGETARIAN!!!! It is a wonder that my brain doesnt come out of my skull and smack people!!!!!!!!!! eeegadesssss!!!!!!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I won

So I won a subscription to Easy Eats Gluten Free Magazine from FOODIEBLOGROLL!!!! i think it is very cool since I have a lot of GF students. One of my supervisors is very excited and said..."Good , now you can cook for me!!" Will give update on what the magazine is all about once I look at it!!!