Friday, January 8, 2010


I want to SCREAMMMMMMMMM right now!!!

Bitch and Moan time:

I usual don't give two hoots about my work hours cause it comes with what I have chosen to do.
But when I have to drive in for 3 dinners....3 dinners on a Sunday !! We aren't even open on Sundays!!!!!
I work long weeks and don't get any extra $$ for my troubles or extra time off(well sometimes i do...but I just take a day off if I need it.)
 But I can't do that much anymore as I am responsible for catering and my own shit.

I am tired and getting sick more often than I usually do. Plus I am losing weight...which is a plus but still . I am tired and feeling tugged in many directions. I have a family too and I like that to be considered. I can't work 74327329743284324 hours. And I am sorry , these chefs...male... that have families and do YOU ARE A FOOL!!! to think your kids wont throw that up in your face when they are teens or older.

I have been careful for a long time to make sure I had balance...hence why I am not one the cover of Food Wine New Chefs etc etc. My career suffered but fuck it..I had kids cause I like kids and wanted me to raise them.

So that's my cold induced I am tired and such rant.

cause its funny