Thursday, October 20, 2011

6 more years

So my man (best way to describe the love of my life) had suggested the other day he could be my sous chef. While this is, in essence, a great idea for my sanity,his lack if of experience where I need it would be problematic. But he did bring up a good point for long term me and him. We have a solid relationship that has its UPS and downs but which like any truly great relationships does. We do have one definite goal: to open a joint to call our own. We have a sort of idea of what it will be. Obvious there will be food. But my idea of a changing season and availability menu might be to ideal depending on how big we to. I like a small English pub looking gastroish pub where soccer is king. I think the man is gearing towards this too. What is nice is that besides this ONE time I made crappy shrimp, he trusts me fully and I have to say he is one my most passionate supporters. But it all has to make sense...the location,interior,food,beer etc etc. Then there is location and I am not even talking what part of what city... How about what part of what city in which STATE in what part of the USA It is going to be a long 6 years...

Sucks to ur ashma..

So today was going well till chef buddy laid into me about our last week plating.... I really wonder if he thinks I don't know that I need to control the kitchen. That it works better if we have a calm kitchen... Well no shit. But when I feel my higher ups breathing down my neck and u sort of want to impress...and shit ain't happen the way its suppose to , I get upset. Not with the staff , with myself. And sure I understand that it effects them but they have worked with me long enough to know this. But while he is right on some level he I believes that this friendship gives him A right to be all in my shit.... Crap.....I just realized it does give him the right! CRAP....... And then he goes and says something nice..... Damn him!