Saturday, November 19, 2011

yeah you got my back against the wall ...

I am a lot of things...

eclectic music taste loud crass bipolar a bit nuts caring stubborn giving(to much) sensitive mellow self destructive

One thing I am not is someone who enjoys petty bs from anyone especially from people who I liked...note the word liked. I am a fairly easy going person,even when I am stressed out. What I don't like and what gets me me worked up and my panties in a twist is when people around me make me look bad. I personally do a very good job at that and do not need any further assistance from ANYONE. I have a person I know(downgraded from friend) that has whined to the higher ups about something I helped them with that they can't do it when I showed them how to do it. They didnt even bother to call me first to see if I could help. Nope, just go to the boss and fuck me over a little bit. Then they refuse to give me back something unless I text or call them. Normally I might think it was cute if it werent for the fact they have an attitude about shit like he is always soooo busy and acts like I am not. Here in lies my stubborn side.I always thought friendships were two sided ..give and take etc etc. I am not a stalker..I am 40. I have better things to do with better friends who I care a whole hell a lot more about. And if he even bothered he know that my life is all messed up right now( not in a bad way, just in a very hectic oh shit I have tons of crap to take of and I am exhausted) .

Another thing I am dealing(that's on going) with is my staff and other managers. I happen I work with a few high strung people that have a tough time controlling what I like to call their"emotions" . They get worked up over little things and just keep talking about it till I want to toss them in the deep fryer. Others are just there to deal with their 10 hr day and then they are gone. No extra work ,no helping out . Nothing. What they dont understand is that in order to get the shit we need to get done , we need to work long hard hours. And yet it is only me(besides my boss) . I feel like being tested and while I enjoy the challenge, I don't have all the tools to help me and I am alone in this fight.....alone in the sense that I carry the burden of it .

I have 4 weeks to figure some stuff out while doing my day to day stuff, write two large menus, set up a few action plans, move, lose weight,find a sous chef(anyone with culinary experience PLEASE!!!), Do three fairly sizable events(one with the nob from above)and be a mom and"wife"...It isnt all that bad just a lot on the plate. Basically a 40lb turkey on a B&B

I need a drink, foot rub and a beach time......ya shelly, I am looking at you!