Monday, March 11, 2013

Before I pee......

So I forgot to add this and I know, I know...I could just edit it but ,whatever. Again, not your blog. :).

So , this is the IPA I had this weekend. It's from a PA brewery pub that is AWESOME! I will have to take pictures of it the next time I am there. Plus there are really cute men that work there. Good food, good beer and cute men...what's not to enjoy!!!

And I would like to say that I drank this growler all weekend but, alas, it lasted only the day. I haven't a clue , but I have been par taking in a lot more drinking of the beer of late. Usually , it takes like a month to get through a six pack. Now ,two
Also , IPAs are delish ,FYI .

Anyone have recommendations?

I used to love you, but I had to kill you.

It was obnoxiously beautiful this weekend that I had to drive around with windows open and music blaring . No real destination,just drove back roads. I found there are a lot of tiny towns. It sort of made me sad in a way.
So many towns that could merge and be stronger cities and share resources better. I love NYS in someways but mostly I have disdain for it and majority of its citizens. Though I will say, there a few cities that are kick ass such as Ithaca ,Seneca Falls, Woodstock,New Patlz  and of Rochester are ok

So back to driving around. Spring makes me happy lady. I returned home with a happy ,happy me having bought some beer and rabbit. So I set myself for a yummy cooking afternoon . Thankfully , my house was empty of anyone but myself , an even better joy than you can imagine . No kids makes me happy ( don't get me wrong ,I love the stink pots. But I am an adult that likes a bit of quiet in the house. Though small confession, would have been better with another adult but hey, people need to stop sleeping in till 3 pm lol.

I didn't take pics of the rabbit stew I made but it was sick . Like soooooooooo good sick.
I did however take pictures of the bread I made. I mean I went semi old school because I did use my kitchen aid to mix the dough . But I did knead it the second proof. I also made cookies from memory.

I think the memory I have is a bit off on that one. Though they were later eaten by said above stink pots the next day, I will say , I am not a baker nor really enjoy it. But bread baking is fun. Something just enjoyable about kneading dough and rocking out to music....drinking beer just added to the joy.