Saturday, November 24, 2012

Like a river in the ocean ,Life is motion, Move on

Wow has it been sometime....

I love this blog. It does give me a sense of joy and pride. And that has been missing in my life too long.
While details are of course private, lets just say, I lost myself. I have been wrapped up in work and basically me that I forgot the sunshine.

But no more.....

I pledge once a week at least updates of all the shannigans that are happening in my life.

But for now here  is what has been happening in a short version.

My job basically had taken over this past year due to renovations and such.

Background:I have never worked in a college dining but the past few years have been good, not great because every year something came up that pulled me away from other things. I just sucked it up and plowed forward,knowning aby 2017 I was going to be free to do what I wanted to do.There was a plan.It sucked and at times I just wanted to quit. But i knew i made good money and my family depended on it.
SO i was told i would be incharge to some degree of the renovations of the dining hall.
Things went ok. They were late so we were pushed back. That made for a lot of headaches all around.
I also lost my sous chef to a police issue (getting him back but needed him at the time). So we finally opened and work just took over and engulfed me even more than over the past year leading up to this point.
I lost focus, I lost my inner trust of myself...I basically just lost . I got yelled at by my higher up and made to feel like nothing I did was right.
I worked 15 hour days 6-7 days a week since october...still working that. I felt alone and that nothing i did or could do was right. My self aborbed attitude didnt help because my staff needed me.

Then something happen and changed everything. I dropped the pity party and began to lead my team. We have been working hard and I refuse to let crap food go out. I have pride in myself and my team which includes a new young sous chef that makes me smile . My staff and I are having fun while we pump out really good food. We laugh and we sing.

And we make damn good food that 99% I am really proud of.

I have found my joy again.

 I am happy again.....And realize that work isnt everything anymore.

Happiness is.