Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I love NYC!!!!

I really do!!! It is one of my favorite places. There is to much to do and to many neat ,cool places to shop and eat at.
I spent the past weekend with my son and a new friend in the city for a Rammstein concert( I am a fangirl as is my friend, Feather and my son , Charles( though he is more fanman...hehehe..lol)

2 days is not enough time to explore and while I am a walker, I have grown slightly overweightoutofshape as of late. But we managed to cover a some ground and eat so fantastic food.....more on that in a later post(I am at work...need to write fast...)

One thing that I love and hate( hate is strong word but lets face it when you are living in a small town and you go to a huge town, hate is the word to use) is the variety of stores that sell the best and coolest ingredients. I know that I am one  of the few weird freaks that love food shops and "chef" type stores. I love smells , and textures of new products. Seeking out new things that I might have seen on TV or in a book is like going after that one first edition book or rare gem.

  I suppose on some level I have a slight unnatural obsession with food...but not like a kinky I am sleeping with a side of beef or a box of fiddle head ferns. I enjoy my job and I enjoy food,moreover I enjoy sharing what I find and opening new doors for those close to me( oh the ego soaked words there).