Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A man walks into a bar with a duck on his head....

So this isn't my update of the past few months because I am on my iphone( product name drop: hint hint apple) and typing is a bear especially when your tired though auto correct is handy in this situation.

I observed today that I was in the moody for a revolution of sorts and work proved to me that a revolution , at least at work, needs to happen.

Let me preface by saying what I do is not brain surgery. I won't have a Nobel Peace prize anytime soon though my bobble head award I received a few years back is awesome . I cook ... I cook very well and I have always been one to want to use the best and freshest products I can get my hands on.

But since returning from the west coast I have sort of taking a wrong turn there for at least my family. Sad because I really can cook anything and if I don't know how then I figure it out by learning online or just applying my own knowledge .
But now that is changing .

I have always been a firm believer that the more smaller business you patronise the better the community and the earth. That's not to say I don't like bigger companies like Whole Foods, Trader Joes , Target and Ikea( these are my FAVORITE big company stores). But the uniqueness that the smaller business have to offer is worth the higher cost(sometimes I have notice that smaller business can offer items at a lower price than their bigger sister competitor ).
Given where I live this is not the case because the smaller business have not taken themselves serious as a contender against bigger companies. They just get by which I guess is on but really who wants to be mediocre?

A trend that I find funny and have talked about before is called Locavore ... Eating locally. I mean I am amused because why wouldn't we eat locally? Why we support local farms , farmers markets and producers? And wouldn't we have meat and cheese producer within a 100 miles of where we live? I don't even have a bakery besides te supermarket one and one at school. And we don't even mill our own grains. There is however a meat farm( ok my terms are wrong , shot me. They raise animals on good clean environment then slaughter them on premise.) an I also know of a bread baker near by. This along with many farms that produce a wide range of products..

But there is no movement. Nothing that screams " REVOLUTION " time for change.

As a nation we need to get back to a certain way of cooking on a whole. Time to make everyone understand that cooking food from scratch is a privilege and a right. These things shouldn't be taken lightly because when we waste food( that's a whole other rant) when we neglect our local producers we just ruin our bodies our families bodies and our earth.

One time to cause a stir..... This is it!

I have tons more to say .... Just very tired right now.

Things to think about:
Slow food
Organic vs homegrown
Raw diets
Flexitarian diet
Farmers markets
Local producers
Artisan products
Why DID the man walk into a bar with a duck on his head.


YEAH...I know ok!! So I am a huge frigging slacker. But I will explain but since I am at work  I can't....for a bit at least anyway.

There is a lot to unload and I dont apologize for all the vomit that shall forth be placed at your feet.

HEY...your the nerdcakes reading this....i say that with love and affection of course because you are my minons and I love your stinky stupid selves.

so give me a second and I will return..........TODAY even!