Friday, July 23, 2010

So I did this essay thing....

I dont want to be number one cause i think the top 9 have great essays.
I want to be I am seen:)


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Captain Phil was a sexy crab man

I will admit it...I am a fan girl of "Deadliest Catch". I am not one do go all weird and watch reality shows( ok I watch like two just cause I, A) LOVE Kathy Griffin and B) LOVE Tori Spelling cause she only takes her family and career serious...and I want to feed her.

But I digress....

So I have been watching DC since it started  seasons ago and right from the get go I was a fan of the scruff tough love sarcastic Captain  Phil. Have to say it was the eyes and big bear exterior but soft heart that attracted me and kept me as a fan.(and for the record Jonathan Hillstrand is my second favorite just cause he is a guy who will be there for you when the shit hits the fan.)

So anyway... My heart broke when Phil passed away this past February and watching this years episodes that show Phil's stroke and ultimately his death made me very sad . I wish  sometimes I had stayed in Seattle...not that i think he and I would have met though ..rawr vvvavv la BOOOM. But i miss the pacific ocean( talk about a 180 on topic) I miss the fresh king and opial crab we could get . I miss talking to crab men and fishermen on their off season. They were/ are some of the coolest and hard working people I know...and they smelled GOOOD...

......if sea water and old spice are your thing.

So the least i can do for my fond farewell to my reality TV boyfriend is a favorite dish of mine....

King Crab Wontons:

The mixture is enough for 15 to 20 wontons....DON'T OVER FILL!!!!

1 package medium square wonton wrappers ..if you have access to an Asian market ,get them from there..FRESH.

2 pounds pound king crab legs, cooked,  and meat pulled from shell
1 red bell  and 1 yellow pepper, finely diced
1 bunch of green onion  finely chop the whole thing
10oz boursin or pub cheese

Vegetable oil, enough to deep fry
1)Combine crab meat, bell pepper, , green onion, and cream cheese and mix together

2)Separate wonton wrappers into individual wrappers . Place one   tablespoon of crab mixture in the center . Wet your finger with water, trace around the outer edges of the wrapper and fold bottom right corner of wrapper up to top left corner of wrapper. This should create a triangle shape. Pinch every edge to make sure the wonton is sealed. Fill all wontons until you've used up the filling.

3)In a skillet place veg oil and heat up to about 350. Carefully  deep fry the crab wontons until golden brown. Drain on several layers of paper towels. Garnish with some chiffonade of Basil and serve with a spicy dipping sauce.

Rest in Peace dear Phil!! You made this NY girl want to escape back to the Pacific Northwest time and time again.XOXOXOXOXO

Thursday, July 1, 2010

WHY do mothers laugh when we kids are being serious

My mum laughed today when I told her not only (again) about this blog but that I am a featured publisher on FoodBuzz...which to me is pretty darn cool.

Though in retrospect we have a sort of love hate relationship in some ways , She and Da are supportive but still after 39 years shake their heads. My voice of unreason tells them," Hey made and raised me. You have only yourselves to blame for churning out to kids who are now sous chef and executive chef respectfully( that would be my older brother and me, if you're not playing along on the home version of " this is Gretchen's silly misshaped and obnoxious life"

oh i have a new bannnnnnnner