Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Anyway you want it...that is definietly not the way I will give it.

I love my mortar and pestle.

I LOVE IT !!!!!

it is probably a very unnatural relationship to have such affection to a cold marble object but gosh darn it..I just think he is swell!
.....yes, I called it he. Doug if you are familiar to him.

Lets face it...it is not only functional but a work of art. Before  wisks to mix oils with solid substance and knives to chop chop chop herbs...there were mortars and pestels...."goes all dreamy"

Not many people even know what they are ,let alone how to use them. Like my sons, they are mearly heavy ojects to play medival times in the middle of the kitchen with.

Every true cook should have and use one...besides your cusinart, kitchen aid and $300 knife, this is your next best best friend.

and is also a handy door stop.