Monday, July 4, 2011

I am a bad mother FFFFFFFF blogger

ok so I have been a bit lazy.

Alright....REALLY LAZY.

But shit happens in life life and one has to deal with that before one can go off and blog about it. I am not one to take a meal , take a shit and tell people the texture of said meal that was formed in the shit I just took....every time I eat and shit...mostly because I do both fairly regularly and let's face it...shit is just shit.

So I have been a busy chef. But busy period was suppose to be over BUT NOOOOOO. silly old company I work for did something even more silly...they added more schools to the group!!!

THANK GOD!New blood to the mix and new chefs.

Because I can't give to much details away , I am a part of a group where there are now four of us and we are expanding...hopefully to a 5-6 school in the next year or so. It is all very exciting since I have never had other chefs this close to me and even better..."squeal" they are all boys and GOOD CHEFS!!!!

So now I have been helping out at the latest school to join the group and the new chef etc etc.

And still helping my school and catering ,which lost yet another catering director(my good friend) to another account as she was promoted to resident director. AUGH!!!!!
All of which has made me a pissed off chef. And I don't mean I am PISSED off like I am angry cause I have been sitting around(figuratively) and not doing what I need to do.

Now....It is time to get shit done, weed out those who just want to complain and drag the rest down and lift up those who are willing to go the extra mile because it is worth it. It is cooking good food people...caring about the food and in itself giving respect to it and yourself.

Shit is going to go down and I will not be told by those under me NO. As the the team/company player of the group I think it is I that determine what is going to happen. It is ME that has been listening to the client and to our students. It is ME that bears the brunt of any negative things that will happen.

How can any person with any sense think Healthy eating and being more green is a "Fad"? Is your head that far up your ass?

It is late and I am happy that there is a new juiced up me now.

I will write more Monday.....need to pee and then sleep. ....if I can get my brain to shut off.