Sunday, December 13, 2009

A follow up thing to the last rantish thingy

the *** was this..

the show I would want to do on  Food Network would be to take musicians ,take their favorite foods and do a spin on them . Either healthy , quicker and just better  and or make a meal out of ingredients they have on hand (which would be a soup for ALL!!!!)....We would of course invade their homes and take stock of what they have and go for it.

Mind you this is not a show that would have Dolly Parton or Bon Jovi. Think Trent Reznor and Depeche Mode type of people.

I think people of my generation would like it. At least they like to see the inside of some of their refrigerators....yes I know at the very core I am a fangirl. 38 and a fangirl....Not stalker...fangirl there is a difference. Not like i have someones full length face tattooed on my back

I can see myself now trying to convince Dave Gahan of Depeche that there is more to life than fags (cigarettes)greek food  and diet Coke.

"goes all dreamy at the possibilities"

Xmas came early for some good little girl

Was told by the client last week that they live in fear of losing me to Food Network.

Now while it would take a shit load of money and me to be have the show as I exactly want it***
to lure me to Food Network, the sentiment was appreciated. But the reality is I have a great staff that thankfully after almost two years, they know how i like things done without me having to explain myself .
Cooks are the lest appreciated people in foodservice. Servers know right away by their tips if they have done a good job.Cooks...well the best we can hopeful is the food doesnt come back.

Complaint number 1 that drives us nuts:

Order for MR beef and it is cooked beautifully and it comes back with a request for it to be cooked more!!!

please will go through it for you.

Rare.....Bloody and Cold center. Barely cooked
Medium Rare........Cooked a little longer, slightly bloody warmish middle center very little blood and warm center
Medium Well.....very thin strip of pink warm center
Well....Get the chicken.