Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Kafka has left the building......

So rather than go on about the ongoing sage of stupidity at work, I thought I just rattle what's going on in my head.
Lets face it , it is probably more amusing .

So like what does platypus taste like? Is is like a wet duck? Would it be dark meat or light?

And who would seriously pay $ 27 for a lobster roll that only came with a bag of crappy cap cod chips? Blah

Why do people( mostly men... Sorry guys) always salt, pepper or otherwise attack food with extra seasoning or worse hot sauce before actually tasting their food? Was your mothers,girlfriends or wife's cooking suck that bad you have to cover it up? I had someone COVER shepherds pie with sweet and spicy chili sauce...before trying either one!

Skittles do not taste like a rainbow

There is nothing wrong with potato chip gelato but there is with cool ranch Doritos gelato.

It's is OK not to have red meat,poultry or pork every day. You can find very yummy vegetarian food that is shock,horror  oh I don't know HEALTHY! Very frustrating part of my job is to convince a young adult that change in their diet this small is better in the long run.

New comforter makes me want to stay in bed

I dislike NYS . Not because of the winter or even the people. I dislike the general overall feeling I get from living here. It's like the whole state is afraid of change or moving forward .  There are amazing aspects to it but those are so small . And I dare  say you could find the same great parts in better states. I ran away once and will sooner than later I think .

As much as I am not fond of chicken,I really love marinated grilled chicken.

I am a hippie that is ambitious. Can that even make sense?

I really hate food trends. Why the hell do I want to be a part of something that is a flash in the pan.? I want to create my own longevity .

I really want a beer right now....forgot to pick some up tonight. I want a really crisp IPA and a nice steak  fresh from the grill with grilled garlic asparagus  and crispy roasted potatoes .

Why are there soooooo many types of laundry detergent!!!!!!

Fabric softener makes my skin crawl

I figured out I don't mind critiques of my food but you better be able to back it up and not just be negative or I will call you out.
And that I don't like or appreciate being bitched at by a helicopter boss. Mostly because its just bitching with no real explanation." It's why are you doing this?" Is what i get instead of "oh shit we  didn't think this through but you have to fix it."   Yeah, thanks for that big boys .

I am enjoying being silly .

Yesterday I addressed myself as an overweight women not as a fat girl. That little sentence sums up
so much for me ..I honestly don't think even those who are or think they are close to me realize what

saying it even out loud ...what it ...what freedom..what a release  it is to put such things in perspective . I say it with pride joy,sadness but most of all because I will never be a fat girl again.

I really want a carrot cake truffle ball right now...
Though I also want a massage too

I really don't like Americanized " foreign" food. I really wish is small towns , there were better ethnic foods . People need to embrace food cultures . Wars would never happen if you just break bread.

Everyone should see a therapist . I mean it... Mine is great. He lets me  talk I all need to then basically pushes me to figure out the patterns that are wrong and helps me with basically becoming G 3.0 version. Talking to him....he is the first person in a long time who has made me feel ok that I can drop my walls .
Wow that was a little deep.......

I don't want to ever try eyeballs ....
That's just so weird.


Ohhhhhh one more thing before lunch..

I have been listening to a lot of Pink,Pop Will Eat Itself and Violent Femmes lately ..

This has to mean something,right?

Anyone ???


So I am at work....... Yeah I am at work, writing in my blog ,contemplating whether or not I want to stay in the one dining hall or go back to the other.  This is the big issue in my day right now.

I have been so serious with this journal lately . It is sort of pissing me off. But that is work life right now. Everything is sort of messed up and not one person higher than me wants to own up to it. But I am and then I get to take on the problems they created . But as they say shit rolls down hill.
Now don't get the impression that I am whining or complaining here. Trust me ,talk to some of the people that work here and you know what I say is true.

The place is not happy anymore. We have happy moments when we joke and sing and talk dirty . But on the whole we are all going through the motions.

So that has to change.

I am not one to just get by with this sort of sadness and depressing situation.

So that is what we are going to do even if it kills us...by kill us I mean me getting fired... We are going to have fun, do what we want and above all sing off key while making fantastic food.

I mean seriously who doesn't love watching a 41 year old chef sing off key to Air Supply!?
I take requests for both food and songs...

Money too.

Oh and beer.

Won't you please come talk to me.......

I think people in general are missing a very basic skill: talking
Now ,ok , we all talk....I get it.

But does anyone really TALK and for that matter do we listen?
I know I used to talk .... A lot. About what ,I am really not sure. Probably about work and stuff related to it. And I probably talked way to much about it.
I have found myself trying to be a listener of late. It's not as easy as you think. I think even good listeners find it hard to have to concentrate on the nonsense we as humans rattle on about. I know at times I have been a bad listener . It's is something I actively try to do: just shut up and not say anything till I need to not when I want too.

Whatever happen to long into the night conversations about nothing but what popped into your head?
Why do we let work and life interfer with the basic need to connect to one another through talking...mutal.
Why is it people only really talk during crises or when one person has had a long day. But even then it's short and glossed over.
Why not just put the remote, the phone,the computer away....grab a few beers and just talk...both of you. I prefer one on ones because I like givening my attention to one person....but that's me. I adore sitting on the porch.....no kids... Just a fridge full of beer,music in the background, food on the grill and (insert favorite person)to talk to.

Mind you ,this has Nothing to do with what I really want to talk about.....

It's time to get myself fired.

But that's for Tuesday...I am tired and I have to deal with a one on one with my boss Tuesday . I really don't want to because I honestly don't care what he has to say anymore. But that's for tomorrow.

Here is some food porn and Elderflower drink which is my new favorite thing