Thursday, September 24, 2009

There is no place like"home"

Sadly, home for me is not actually warm and fuzzy  Ozzie and Harriet. It's my work. My actually home...well I know where it is, i know what it looks like but really, I only sleep , shower, veg occasionally in front of the tv and sometimes even cook a meal there. I don't even do my laundry( my 14 year old, bless his soul, does the laundry for the house.) But I am grateful for the "home" I have. It's clean, organized and well maintained.

I say this because I was recently at another location  to assist with a function and the situation is bad. I mean really bad, like "please someone close the place down and rip this shit up and put it all together. again".

It scared me they were serving people from not only this particular kitchen but from the hot line as well.
Two factors were the problem: the equipment is older than dirt and the cooler/freezer were a mess....I mean so disorganized  and improper storage of raw meats and produce...made me want to spend a day just pulling everything out and then scrubbing it then placing everything back in.
The events them self were pretty easy but  so disorganized..I am super organized...I mean my lists have lists that have lists.
Nothing here except for  a small list . But even then 1/2 the stuff was brought in and I haven't a clue why I  there. The two events I could have done easily by myself if I did what this chef did.

It made me thankful for the places I work in...we have our problems but thanks to OCD we are a clean machine.

OCD is handy at times in the food service industry , though at times it can make you crazy when you think everyone else should be thinking like you.

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Anonymous said...

I totally hate disorganizaton. and the clean thing sounds icky!