Thursday, October 1, 2009

All good things to those who wait

I suppose in this day and age of " Give it to me now or I'll cut the bitch" attitude, It doesnt surprise me the lack of food knowledge among the younger generation. Yes, I am speaking to you miss 18 -25 year old.

Not everyone has the patience to cook what people coin as gourmet meals. Hell most chefs would rather nawh at a piece of MR to almost with a pulse slab of beef than eat escargot or pigeon. But we know what we are eating.
I have listen to many a child( I will call my "students " child as a general term and is in now way meant as belittling to them) ask.."what is it " to something as painfully obvious as country fried steak but will shoval other things that just because there is one thing familiar on it they assume it is what it is,only to get surprised....I actually do love the.."oh shit " look.

It's painful to see kids load their plates up with pizza hamburgers and wraps all on my plate then have the balls to turn to us and say I have stomach problems because of the food you serve me. Guess again sunshine.
Even my 10 year old knows that he should have 4-6 servings of fruit a day.

Personal responsibility about food seems to have gone by the waste side these days and its easy to blame the food service industry than to say.." well I am a fat fuck so maybe i shouldnt eat 4 slices of pizza , two burgers, two desserts and a salad loaded with ranch and shredded cheese. I serve 90% good solid homemade food. Sure there are some "canned" products and prepared foods that we use as a convience but not as often as you running to Taco Hell for your Gorditio fill.

Love your body...listen to it and its natural decently....I am not an advocate for all natural organic tofu woohooo stuff. But you dont need a dozen doughnuts..not even a chick on her worse PMS day could do that ..........

...............................well maybe if there was a diet pepsi or two involved.

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