Friday, October 30, 2009

Your telling me its in the skies well use your eyes.. .....

Go Green....

We hear it everyday from Auto Industry, Diaper Companies and the President. But really, can everyone really go green...totally green?

Well, probably not. Not unless you want to give up some things that frankly, I  for one don't want nor think I should as the impact on the earth and my carbon foot is relatively small.

But what i do think as a whole world we can do is to feed ourselves with local farmers. Every nuck and cranie has farms. There are dairy, fruit,vegetable,grain ,pig etc farmers everywhere. With in 50 miles of where you live there are probably 10 farms.

Sustainability is a key to our own survival. We have far to long raped the earth of its resources and now  have to sort of back track in our thinking about food sources in the long term way.

There is no reason to go all crazy and go vegan ...that's just nutters. We have the teeth we have for a reason. But that being said there is no reason to go all crazy in the other extreme and eat tons of beef. Like anything moderation is a key here ...think of it as a life cycle diet. You're born you live and you between that time we eat and more than one way too.

But all the planning is fine and dandy on is the execution that fucks it all up.

To many chiefs and not enough Indians make for a bloody mess and then everyone is left wondering.."WTF?"
OR " I didn't do it." One voice needs to lead and bring people together to form some sort of coalition with farmers and manufacturers in order to process food products or food for the consumer that are free of chemicals, low in fats and are sustainable to the earth.
One group can not control everything if we are to replenish ourselves for future generations...the WHOLE world has to be on board too.

It boggles the mind that as a WORLD...we are not speaking to each other more and with better communication skills about food and such. We all have to eat...Each Country has specific locations that have weather patterns and growing seasons...why do we not work with each other to ensure we are ALL eating properly...(when i say this I mean that we as a world are sharing our food wealth...we can not force someone to actually eat the food...though i love to .)

We are a wealth WORLD.....instead of being dicks to each other , why not just shut the fuck up and do the right thing/ No one nation is better than the other. There is no one perfect out there. But there are a lot of people with good ideas that need to be heard.

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