Friday, June 25, 2010

I need a muse or how to make me happy without lifting a finger but incase you like to I have some needs that needs tending..thats NEEDS ,not weeds.

Inspiration is hard to come by these days.

I work in a windowless kitchen and office , so half the time I am not even sure if it is am or pm let alone if the weather has changed.
Hotter weather makes me happy...well ok not true. The sun in general just makes me happier. While not a sun worshiper, I do like the big old nuclear star in the sky.

For me the sun evokes thoughts of fresh corn on the grill and swimming. That pretty much sums up my childhood. ...Fresh Eden New York corn and swimming at Mang Park in Kenmore New York...where I am from. There is a sense of warmth and relaxation I feel when I think of not only those things  but when I have either, though my swimming  pool is a creek behind my house.

I am inspired though this year but the green pastures i drive by on my way to work. I live in the country so I see a lot of green as crops are just starting to grow. I wish we had a bigger area around our house that allowed for house grown vegs and fruits...and the time to do them....well for me to have the time. My family does but I dare say at 14 and 3/4 I don't think he finds much interest in tending the garden.

My food at work is resulting in more care I suppose. Or  I am more relaxed because we are not balls to the wall busy...still busy but not to the point where I wont to kill( though this wedding this weekend , someone might die) I find I want to create more and do more. But I am tied down with cost restrictions and time restrictions.

At home, they will eat it if I cook it, so that is more a time to see what might fly with college kids. My sons are like starving kids..they can never seem to get enough food and shovel it in as fast as I can make it. Only problem is, I am so tired after work, I just want to toss burgers on the grill and call it a day.

So motivation is more than inspiration I guess....At work, my catering partner is great. She knows food and knows that if she doesnt offer varieties to our clients that one  of us is going to get

What I need in the long run is money...lots of it to buy ingredient....lots of fun, fun ingredients and equipment like a mandolin or a top to my cuisnart...or better yet their own so I can have mine back.

I need a culinary sugar daddy to go along with my music sugar daddy....wonder if I can combine the two?

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