Monday, June 21, 2010

Suppport Suppport SUPPPORT!!!

It's all about the support.

CSA is a great thing. Whether you do it as a group or just your self, supporting your local farmers is the way to go. It isn't just about organic food or eating fresh picked...both of which are still great and valid reasons. But by supporting local farmers of vegetables, fruits,meats and other goods you're supporting your local economy and neighbors.

I am lucky to have a farmers market literally right outside my door(pictures to be coming soon) and can go there and others around my area almost everyday for fresh products, even beef,bison and chicken.

I do wish though we had a whole foods/trader Joe's type of places. The best we have off season is Wegmans ,though the one near me is lacking. The biggest surprise is that my town ,while full of tree hugging organic types, there IS a lack of a market like Trader Joe's. But we are a small town with Amish as neighbors and farmers as other.

Logically also fresh produce should be cheap depending on the season no matter where it is grown. So why am I still paying a butt load for strawberries and lettuce.

Something needs to happen in order for people to provide their families and themselves with fresh products to help keep obesity down. But instead of that,at least here in New York State( love you dumb ass David Patterson...thank you for leaving early not that I have anymore hope for the next guy/girl who thinks they can "turn things around"...annex NYC...that would save us around 100million a year) there is talk of a sin tax.

WTF? Soda and junk food don't make people fat....I can get fat on a vegetarian diet just as easily as on a regular meat diet. Why don't give discounts on fresh produce or vouchers to people to go to farmers markets. And encourage companies to allow people to exercise by offering discounts to gyms and dietitians consultation or even free membership to curves and WW to those in need of permanent weight loss.

Don't get me started on sustainability.....

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