Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Flying Monkeies EVERYWHERE!

I am so not enjoying this feeling of being someone's pet project.

I mean really, at 40 years old , I have some clue of what I am doing. I just need people to back away and not micro manage me. That is the most irritating thing . I am seriously! I am not some strung out coke head of a chef in her 20-30's doing blow off the waiters tight stomach every night...not that I have ever know such experiences(wink wink ..nudge nudge).

I am fairly responsible with the company and for my own actions. Reckless when it suits me, mindful of the greater picture and I think we can all say that if I actually had an ego, I would be that coked out whore of a chef somewhere, not where I am now.

So why now am I getting all the interest? Oh I know you have ignored me. Pfft...whatever. It is all good. I am glad you FINALLY noticed that I am a complete basket case because I am McGeyvering  here and along with twice doing two sometimes three full time persons jobs. And yet , I am the project.

Now grant it , I have not been told in so many words that I am because that would be insulting and I would probably get pissed off and make a scene ...least I think they think I would ..lol Oh to be a female chef among silly male chefs . I guess dealing with other female chefs who are super girly then dealing with me who, for this post is very ungirly, is new to some. I was complimented on my ungirlyness ...at least I think they were complimenting me.

So now I have to yet again prove myself capable. It means more sleepless night, more staying late, more headaches and more fighting a system that is failing because like a 1 year old shoving a square block into a round hole ,some parts don't fit properly or rather not at all. But why fix a problem...lets just wait till the whole system fails then blame each other....that's a SWELL IDEA (

Let me phase to watch Robot Chicken........

Ok, where was I???
Oh I am exhausted from thinking to much and thinking about the work it will take to make my units awesome...wait I mean AWESOME.

I kill for a pepsi max right now...

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