Wednesday, November 9, 2011

nice and SQUISHIE

That's my brain right now. I have no idea if a brain can get over flown with information and stress but GOOD lord mine has reached that point of over flowing info. and I have to now figure shit out for my entire group. I wonder if it is to much to put on an already full plate and whether I am the person to do it. Then again maybe in my mind I am just busy but really I am not. This is how my mind works. So now I have to get people motivated to want to work harder for the same pay, managers to care and be consisted and for upper managers to back the fuck off so I can do my job...and do it everyday consistently which oh my is the PROBLEM. and answering dumb questions like how can the Italian wedding soup be veggie.....well take the fuckin meatballs and chicken out and its FUCKING VEGETARIAN!!!! It is a wonder that my brain doesnt come out of my skull and smack people!!!!!!!!!! eeegadesssss!!!!!!!

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