Thursday, December 6, 2012

We are just two lost souls living in a fish bowl, year after year...

See , my little blog !! I said I would be here and I am.
Oh what a week last and this week have been. Eeeek it's Xmas time. Mmmm anise cookies are the best best sweet treat. Funny I want one thought I haven't had any sweets for well over a month.

Work is winding down finally . I have been able to breath and step back a little. One of my big biggest problems is sense of control on everything because of insecurity of my ability as a chef and leader. I think it just stems from having no one to back me up or others around me who felt like me . I am dealing with it and slowly letting my two bright but very different sous chefs take care of the bs of the daily grind though I am still apart of it. Because when I do that it empowers me , it empowers my sous chefs and it empowers the staff. So it is win win for all.

But it is not an easy thing to do. Wanting people to need you is not the same as being needed. Being needed is short lived,people needing you makes them dependent on you and unable to handle the job or themselves .

On to a lighter subject, I am thinking of doing a podcast. A friend of mine suggested we do one a long time ago ,combining all things we liked: Music, Beer,Food and Soccer. I think we would crush it lol
I have many topics like
What does one eat before a curling game?
Molecular Gastronomy : how far is to far?
Local , Seasonal: what to get when you live in the middle of no where.

Just a pix before I pass out. ...

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