Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Smells like beer and snazzeberries

I can't sleep...which is good for you I suppose. So I figured I actually do a New Year's Resolution list thingy.

Now don't get in a's not some self indulgent " I'm going to lose 50 lbs by march"(though its a safe bet I will by May) or whatever blah blah people do! It's me for fucks sake...a bit of tongue and cheek , lads and lass , if you please.

Ok so here it is:

The Slight Off and Mostly Nerdy Chef's NY Resolution List 2013:

1)Eat more butter. Yeah,eat more of it. Of course not at one time but my kitchen is saying fuck off the margarine. Bugger off cause only the butter is welcomed.

2) Teach my staff how to sharpen their knives so I don't have to deal with badly cut food. It's agonizing sometimes.

3) Teach. Simply put...with two sous chefs I can finally teach my staff a tiny bit of what I know.

4) SET THE WORLD ON FIRE.....move along. You'll know it when ya see it.

5) Learn to make cheese. Why not!

6) Pickle and Preserve more. It's a lost art but yields such wonderful yummiest stuff.

7) Play with my food. Experiment more with ideas,recipes and favors. Not limiting myself but to what I can actually procure. In this contact the local farmers. Work with them more! Blow food up!!!!

8) Drink more beer....but different ones not just the same old stuff. Though no fruity beer....blah . So sacrilegious ...

9)Cook a random recipe a week from ALL my cookbooks....that's a lot ,FYI. And share with you the experience. Maybe with smell-a-vision!

10)Travel.....get out of this popsicle stand . Try out new cities and foods. Road trip as much as possible ....share with others or on my own ...though sharing is more fun. Document to people and chefs or farmers at different markets. Maybe steal recipes or such. Maybe a chef or two;)

And above all,gain more knowledge. Not just of my craft ,but of everything. We forget sometimes to keep learning. Knowledge is powerful and brings people together .

So that's it..... That's my all powerful list.'s ok, I know. I amaze me too.

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