Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Haven't you longed to be free.....

My boss is really trying my nerves these past few days to the point my panties are in a huge twist and it is taking a lot of my own strong will stubbornness not to react or show much emotion to all the boneheaded crap he thinks is right.
Worse ,he blames me for stuff  that is clearly not my fault but because I am now being lumped into guilty by association which is COMPLETE crap. And so what if I associate with someone he doesn't like or worse stick up for them because clearly they actually are good for the group. But what do I know , it must be my pussy talking cause at 41 or so I clearly am clueless next to a cute boy. I must have been seduced by his charm.

Bahahahahah ...I actually made myself laugh at that.


Something is amiss right now...like something is dead wrong in my world. Not even with me but something is going on in the world I walk around in and that's bothersome. Not that I like peace and quiet because that's just boring. A little of silly drama makes for a bit of shit and giggles, but this is different. I hate people who hide shit. Just be honest. I mean seriously there is sparing feeling and then there is just being dishonest. And sparing someone's feelings does nothing but make shit worse.  

One thing I will say about myself of late is I have finally relaxed and let go of some of my controlling nature at work. It was just a bad habit brought on by nessesity cause I was flying solo for so long. A girl just naturally relies on no one after awhile when surrounded by idiots.

So annoying.......

And to boot I am drinking a beer that tastes like a mochaccino ....aughhhhhhhhh

Anyone wealthy enough and in need of a personal chef?.......anyone? I swear all I need is a bed in a
closet and your money , to buy you awesome ingredients .. :/
Ok ,maybe a jacuzzi  bathtub and a German pool man...I swear that's it.

Oh and an I home !

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