Thursday, March 7, 2013

I am scientifically explainable

Every couple of years I guess I need to reintroduce myself so that new people can be lazy and not go back to the beginning of the blog and read the intro of what the hell this shit is really all about.

Well first , I haven't a clue what this is all about. I write mostly what is going on in my head at any given moment of the day ,week month etc. I tend to read a lot of stuff ...wait, I am sort of jumping ahead here.

Ok , so my name is Gretchen Mayer. I am a 41 year old female( hope that's sort of obvious). I wear many hats in my life. I am a single mom of two teenage boys,a daughter, sister ,best friend ,auntie ,sil, nemeses , chef and most importantly I am me. I have been cooking professional gigs for 27 years. I have been classically and unclassically trained . So basically, I have a very fucked up sense of style and cooking .

This blog was actually started so I could work on my spelling and grammar when it came to writing,which I do enjoy . It is suppose to be just posts about what is going on in my life or the dumb stuff that occurs in this business I am running amuck in.

It is mostly silly rants though of late it has been taking on some serious undertones . Sometimes, a person just needs to get crap off their chests without actually looking at someone or hearing whatever pep talk vomits from people's mouths. Go back last few months to catch up because I don't feel rehashing the shit out of stuff yet again since , well fuck that. It's my blog.

So that's what this is about. I don't write recipes, I do post photos of stuff myself and my staff make. I don't write reviews of books but you can give me them. Nor review restaurants ,though I will talk shit about them.

I talk crap, I talk nicely ...

I just talk.

I have a lot to say and not many people physically daily to talk to about this stuff . Well actually, no one right now as the person I did I don't talk to . So I usually bore myself with this nonsense till I get tired of my voice then I write it.

Oh that's sort a lie ,my computer bear is a wonderful conversationist.

So , that's what this is all about..
My random culinary, food, farm,beer,life thoughts with a sprinkle of music, and sex.

Did you know I am fond of these three things:
Soft Pretzels

I am usually very fond of the man that brings soft pretzels, beer and of course his penis.

Penises are fun. I like them a lot.

I'll get my hat.

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