Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Big Pickle Day

Wondering work today , I realized I should probably tell who ever is reading this(as if) who I actually am.

Hi...I am a cook.

I can't remember a time when I wasn't cooking. It seems all I have always done or wanted to do was cook. My mom was a good cook. Gramdmothers....ekkkk. Except if you think that jello molds and pouring Life cereal as cooking then they were GREAT.

My dad's mom did make fab bread and butter pickles....i think my mom has the recipe somewhere. Must ask her for it when i remember.....if i remember.

But anyhoo, I am  divorced mum of two semi teenage boys(loves of my life besides my man )

life partner...... I am not one of those "I need to be married" girls. Buy me a pretty ring or a shit load of music and cookbooks and I am yours for life....I am easy ,so I have been told.

I started in restaurants as a 15 year old dish dog/prep girl. I can peel carrots, onion and shrimp faster than most cooks/chefs. I actually miss it at times because all it involved was peeling and listening to music....(that is my other joy..MUSIC. You will read many references to music through out this blog.)

Went to the C.I.A. IN 1990....Worked in many different types of establishment...including Disney... Great place with some of the most talented and messed up people I have ever had the privilege to work with.

From there, because my ex didn't like that i was getting good money and we had a HOUSE!!, WE moved again to Washington State where I was an Executive Chef/Innkeeper. Another great job that got shot in the ass(don't ask..it involves someone named Stinky..you know who you are;) )

But then I landed backhome sking my ex to go away and striking out on my own. Went back to work at the first place i ever worked...........

Then on to stupid job at Quinoas(don't ask) then a Tex mex place(don't ask) both i ran as chef manger(really it was the title i gave myself so i didn't feel like a cunt) Then (cue angels and choir) I was head hunted for the job i currently hold as an Executive Chef at a local University for a national company.
I am in charge of anything food related on campus(for the most part...retail is on their own except when they need my help knocking heads together) This means all the catering and two dining halls. Lucky for me I am blessed with a great team that i get to work with( well 95% of them i feel blessed...LOL) I work 55-60hrs a week most weeks...spend a lot of time on my feet. Never a dull moment and never a day without something going wrong or something needing fixing.Good times........

But it makes for a very exhausted me...........

Right now we are going into our busy season.(well our busy season is never ending) It's the fall semester and so much to do..Homecoming, High Holidays, Wedding shit load of mini events(crap, i need to do a menu centered around Asian food for 50 ppl under $400 total including drinks...go me) then trustees which are the super bowl for us. My play time. I am grateful that my clients love myself and my catering director...THANK GOD!!!!!!

Then on to more little events.......special events, holidays followed by the end of semester...and winter "break"...LOL break as if!

oh gosh....is it May 2010 yet? I need to go to Europe and lather myself in Rammstein goodness(it's the mini cupcakes talkin)

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