Monday, September 7, 2009

Support your local farmers DAMN IT!!!!!!!

I am a firm believer that as a chef   cook, you should use whats around you as much as possible to not only get the best and freshiest food but to help the local farms that really need it.(actually all farms need our support). Sustanablity is a huge factor in cooks lives..lest it should be.
Where i am, we not only buy within a 50 to 100 mile radius, we recycle and compost. Almost nothing goes to waste. Not a bad start for now. It will slowly turn into whole foods and grains and soon the elmination of two deep fryers(i hope)...Actually the school my sons go to took out their deep fryers much to the joy of the parents.
My next step is to farm out the leftovers to a food bank like Second Harvest. We used them at Disney and i swear it was a great thing to do. We tried to use our leftovers ourselves but there were many times we just couldnt. Second Harvest was a god send . Nothing was wasted. And people in need were feed. Win win for everyone.

So I was very excited when i saw this pop up in email....take a look at where farmers markets might look like in the future:

And if you live in WNY then you better be going to either the North Tonawnada , Bidwell,Broadway or Clinton Street Farmers  Markets. Your Stupid if you don't.

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