Sunday, September 6, 2009

Can you cook while still sleeping?

Long week but still upright , which is good for now.

So this is my Blog about the industry i work in which if you have any sense in you then you will never step on foot near it.
There is no glamour in what i do. One in a zillion get famous or even have a great successful place to call their very own without co owners who have funded the gigantic amount of money it takes to open then sustain a place till you might turn a profit which most dont. They just break even or fail.
It is long hours, on your feet ,hot nasty kitchens and for women it means pulling your weight. If  there is 50 lbs of chicken to be picked up off the floor and carried into the walk in then you best high tail it with the box before the chef yells at you about warm kitchen air forming bacteria on his chicken.

One good this the instant gradification that comes it. The pleasure cooking gives someone who truely loves it. I love it...always have and it is one of only three things i know anything about to great detail.

I have no real goal here. Probably just a way to blow off steam about the daily frustrations and gradifications that come with being a cook.

So lets start off with i guess what should have been my first ,but is now my third post.

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