Sunday, September 6, 2009

Say Good Night Mabel!

"I bet you eat real well cause your a chef"( real quote from a friend of mine)

two words:
No Time.

we eat on the run and late at night. It has to be quick and be able to shove into our collective mouths and downed in 2 minutes because that is one minute to long for us to chew.
I gained 150 in 4 years. Some ways from the hours i work. Some was the stress of being a young married mother of 1 then 2 sons.

Cooks rage on diet soda and coffee. If and when we eat its usually a sandwich, burger or worse ,dessert. Quick fast calories that will get us through the 5 hr service that is about to walk through our front door.
Then ,if we are lucky, we have some sort of protein followed b a very tall cold beer that is followed by two more . Then we go home at 1am to wake up at 7am to take the kids to school and go back to work.

Whose got time for it?

Sleep is for wusses(case in point....its 4:30am and  i am still wide awake and will probably sleep till 11 if i go to bed soon. Thats 11 am. Kids want pancakes and turkey sausage and appearently only i Queen G can make it. Mind you I have teenage sons...they should be making me brunch.

I need a nap.......

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