Sunday, October 11, 2009

They shoot horses don't they....

So Conde made the great descision to close the doors on one of the few food magazines that is ,while a bit pretenious, is a rather good read. There are really only a few food magazines:
Food and Wine
Bon Appetite

That are any good, though i dare say Bon is a housewives wet dream for cooking better, Food and Wine for people looking to seem they know what they are talking about when it comes to food, Saveur  and Cooks are the ones i do like because of the tone of magazines.

Gourmet is sort of like Vogue for cooks... a bit flashie, showie and some of the articles probably even make Jacques Pepin shake his head.

But to close it after all these years....shameful. Pick on some other crap magazine own enough of ...Bon Appetite!!!! and Teen

What will probably come of this is some "chef" will think they have brillant ideas that need to be heard by the masses and will try to start their own magazine....

.......huh, not a half bad idea;)

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