Sunday, December 13, 2009

A follow up thing to the last rantish thingy

the *** was this..

the show I would want to do on  Food Network would be to take musicians ,take their favorite foods and do a spin on them . Either healthy , quicker and just better  and or make a meal out of ingredients they have on hand (which would be a soup for ALL!!!!)....We would of course invade their homes and take stock of what they have and go for it.

Mind you this is not a show that would have Dolly Parton or Bon Jovi. Think Trent Reznor and Depeche Mode type of people.

I think people of my generation would like it. At least they like to see the inside of some of their refrigerators....yes I know at the very core I am a fangirl. 38 and a fangirl....Not stalker...fangirl there is a difference. Not like i have someones full length face tattooed on my back

I can see myself now trying to convince Dave Gahan of Depeche that there is more to life than fags (cigarettes)greek food  and diet Coke.

"goes all dreamy at the possibilities"

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Buffalo Mike said...

That really is a fantastic idea for a show... It's the perfect cross-over for Food Fans and Music Fans.

You know, I bet you really coul sell that idea...keep it in mind, ok?