Monday, May 31, 2010

I think to much

I really do think to much about things that most people find dull or uninteresting....

Like food at sports games......(I am watching the Stanley Cup and FIFA friendlys for the World Cup)

Ok so I like hot dogs, cracker jacks and lukewarm beer...but seriously havent we evolved to the point where we can have a nice panni sandwich,high end COLD beer, maybe food on a stick...

wait...thats it ....FOOD ON A STICK!!!!

It would be the most convenient food to have in stadium. Stick them in holders with a sauce in the middle.

ANYTHING can be on sticks,,,,,meat, chicken, lamb, fruit and even (god forbide) VEGETABLES!!!!
There I said it...Healthy Food at a sports event. I swear to you this will be the trend. Healthy, gluten free, vegetarian and vegan food will become the norm at your next Super Bowl!

Nachos with good beer in Montreal...healthyish

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Anonymous said...

What was that beer that you are Shelly were drinking? (I had Duval with a nice rare steak and blue cheese/red potato salad last night....yummm).

It's good to think about things that others may not be. Keep it up--destined for great things you are.

<3 Maggie (channeling Yoda)