Saturday, May 22, 2010

what the frickiety frack!

That's a phrase I tend to hear at 8pm when my eldest son ,Cj, is battling the zombies or whatever he does in his room with the Xbox.

Some day he will stabilize and be a "normal" boy....though I doubt that day will come anytime soon.


OK...I will admit I have been super duper slacker and probably could have stopped watching Real Housewives of New York, but DAMN IT!!!! That Jill can't stop watching her. Its like crack for cooks.

wait..... short story long....The women who was the catering director quit after having surgery that didn't quite heal her properly...her arm at least...(baddaboom...I do two shows daily)So I had to do a lot on my own and to tell you the truth..I sucked at it. Ok I probably didn't suck, but all I could think of for the entire month of February was work. I didn't pay bills, didn't have sex ( i love sex fyi)forgot my kids a little. And worse, i lost my concentration. My attention span flew out the door. And it took me till May to get it back.

But lucky for me we had a gem waiting to take the catering director job and she is a perfect match for me and the job. We work really well with each other and while there have been a few hiccups we have a rock solid team.

Our busy season is done and while we haven't made millions, we have done well.We even feed 325 people a plated dinner(duet of sea bass and Beef Filet ) all at once in 30 minutes....which is kick ass.If you saw the kitchen you would be like .."HOLY &(*&&&^^%%%%%***&&**"

So I am back...and back with plenty of stories and funny stuff.

So lets all come in for a big hug and butt squeeze...

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