Friday, July 22, 2011

What ya going to do about it..

Ok so it is Thursday and I didnt write on Tuesday. SORRRRRRY.

I blame the chef I was helping out....for no other reason than he will never read this AND I can get away with it.

So anyway....

Helping this new chef out has brought up a lot of feelings and No, I don't mean like stir the groin sort of feelings.
More like ":HOLY SHIT my unit sucks". There are many really great qualities about where I work but the further we get into stuff in the years, the worse things seem to get.
How do I get people motivated to care about the food they are producing or is it after trying several different tactics even writing them up nothing working, is it time to just say.." Sorry but you are not willing to adhere to company policies as laid out to you 7437324703246325 times, please leave".

I am not the greatest chef or manager. But I care enough about the client and even my staff to give people chances but when it becomes a joke about how we never fire people then shit needs to change.

I have a certain agenda that I have to get across to everyone including upper management which seem to forget I am above them because as it is food service based business and I am the Executive Chef, it falls on me and my boss when shit gets fucked up.There seems to be this inability to say..You are in charge and you need to listen to her and work together. I am not really looking to be my other managers boss, I am looking to be in charge and left alone to work with my staff. To many damn chiefs and none can just be a lacky.

So I have a fight on my hands I know from at least two people directly under me.And a manager who is beyond paranoid. I have no melcious bone in me what so ever . But I dont like getting backed into a corner because then I come out and I am not very nice about it. I work hard and do not like when people who DON'T know better interfer with what I have to do as put forth by my own mind and that of my bosses.

So I HAVE struggle on my hands and with a mind like mine that right now is struggling with her own demons( and by that I mean me ,myself, and I...since I have no vices ,no addictions.)it is not the easiest of parties to participate in.

But it is my life and while I not wish it on anyone it is a life worth living and I don't really question the stupid shit parts. They are just part of the grand scheme of things and while I can control some of it, the other parts need to play out and come what may the end result will be just that....the end result...good or bad.

So for now I need to let go of the past ,even the immediate past. My hang ups need to dissipate and moving forward, in what is I like to think the middle of my career, is a necessary goal. Focus on the things that I can change for the better for all and let go of any part of my life that is pulling my soul down.

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