Saturday, December 29, 2012

Welcome to the Cheap Seats

Time to give you all a big old guide of what you need in your kitchen. From pantry to vessels to gadgets...this is not only what I recommend but what I use.

So lets start with the pantry. Well ,actually ,we are going to venture into the fridge first.

You need to have on hand the following:
'Chicken: breasts and whole. Have some fresh in the fridge at all times and a back up in the freezer. Buying a whole chicken lends itself to many things namely roasted chicken,then salad and the bones can be used for stock...mmmm stock

Beef: ground(90/10),flank steak and bottom round. Buy in large chunks and break down into smaller portions. Good freezer bags are your friend.

Pork: bacon,center cut pork loin . Sausage ....any type you fancy. We like knock wurst and bratwurst .

Turkey: burgers,breasts(raw) and drumsticks

Cheese:Cheddar..a big block ,Sliced Swiss,and American slices

Milk: regular and Almond

Butter: sticks and spreadable. One for cooking the other for toast. I actually use a yogurt spread. Less calories and tasty

Fresh fruit and vegetables: try to be seasonable and buy only what you'll eat. And remember most in store organic is not any better than the regular stuff. When your able buy from a farmers market or co op. Yes ,these are more than likely costing you more but your supporting a local business twice fold.

Yogurt and Sour cream

Herbs: either home grown or store bought. I don't keep any dry herbs only spices with the exception of sage cause I don't use it very often.

Garlic: one of the few things I will buy already chopped in water.

Horseradish: just do it

Tofu: yes tofu. It's a great source of protein

Ketchup,whole grain mustard,mayo, assorted salad dressings

Hummus: learn to make it homemade and your family and friends will love you.

Beer and wine : not just for consuming either.

IEnglish cucumbers: salad and pickling


Dry pantry:
Most is self explanatory, but I think the bacon marmalade is probably something most haven't seen. It's also my second jar in three months....mmm
What you see again are basic things. I also keep flour,sugar, yeast,baking soda and powder, assorted cracker box or at least those Danish rounds that are overly crispy,odds and ends from Aldies cause they have weird German stuff like pickled white asparagus and Kiefer really cheap.

Sticky and brown rice

Kitchen gadgets is the next pile.

The mallet/ tenderizer. Mine is from Ikea and I love one that has weight on it. The cheap ones will just break one hit in.

Chefs knives: from the right:
12 inch chef
8 inch chef
Santoku knife
Stiff boning knife
Filet knive
Diamond steel

Fresh tortilla press..mmm good stuff

Starting from the top:l
Pastry bag,
pastry brush,
gnocchi maker
Dough scraper
Pastry knife
Melon baller,
Pastry wheel

From the top again:
Flipper/ metal spatulas
Measuring cups
Measuring spoons
High temp spoon
Metal spoon
Rubber Spatula
Micro plane

Fine hand strainer
Mortar and Pestal
Assorted Round cutters
Digital Thermometer
Bottle opener

Rolling pins
Air tight containers

Baguette pan
Pullman loaf pans
Baking dish
Sheet trays
Muffin pans
Cooling rack
Mini cheesecake pan


Box grater
Bamboo sushi mat

Roasting pans

Cast iron pans....always keep these and keep them in good condition.

Assorted sized sauce pans: never throw these out,trust me

Assorted sauté and stock pot type of only need ones that can go from stove to oven...fuck that other shit. Buy all clad...or find old Le Creuset stuff. Good for sauces,saluting,soups,casseroles etc.

Good lids and if you know any one in food service these containers are awesome but you can buy them from and restaurant supply store it!

Always have chop sticks!

A cool cookie jar

A plant because plants are cool

Kitchen aid mixer and cuisinart food processor ....Buy them!! They last forever. The mixer I have had for 22 years.

Misc. stupid stuff

Rice maker
Canning supplies
Attachments for kitchen aid like sausage maker and pasta maker
Pepper grinder
Fondue set
Metal kebabs holder
Propane grill
Waffle maker
Metal cookie cutters
Heart cake pans
Cake pans
Wooden cutting boards

You don't need pizza stones or bread makers...or any of that stupid fad stuff.
Just the basics is the best way to start then expand as you become a better cook.

The last important thing is this: my grand mums cookbook from 1925.. With her hand notes in it.

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