Thursday, January 3, 2013

I look like an acorn

I should have my own show on the cooking channel .

Nothing to fancy, no big sets. Just a nice sort of 50's styled modern appliances.
Now your probably thinking..." We'll what makes you so special to have a show and what the hell would you even do?"
First's my show so I would do exactly what I want ...because . Well ok , so it would be more a sustainable,local,nose to tail sort of whatever I wanted to do.
Plus,there would be music. Plus musicians would help me cook.
So in its basics ,it's me with a band,cooking what I want to cook,with local and sustainable products.

I  should probably spicy it up a little because that is so not a good pitch. I wonder if male pole dancers( I actually wrote poll dancers at first and made myself laugh out loud, though it sounded more like a quack) would woo the execs.

Then there is the problem of musicians. Only one I know is my brother but he is a chef too. I do know most of the members of the local high school marching band...huh,nah. I can't imagine calling up the manager of Depeche Mode and saying " huh, can Dave come over to cook with me? Huhhh huhh". First, I don't even have their number plus that's just silly.

And then again the location. Ok so where I am , it's all nice and sweet, if I like dull and beige. Yes, fun is what you do not location but ingredient availability is location, location and oh yeah....location.
So I would have to ( oh shucks darn) move to another state....say oh maybe Oregon. You may say a bit drastic but I say nah my friends,I do it as a service to you.

It also opens up the whole musicians part.

Now........just need that demo tape,a good partner and a hat.

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