Friday, January 4, 2013

Oh I miss you so.,

Oh Montreal I miss thee so.

No , I am not going to get all weird and write some sort of ode to Montreal. Lord ,it's after midnight ...that would be just silly .
What I would like to talk about is the food of Montreal.Nothing to deep but maybe just a little nudge so you'll get up off you're butts and check it out.

There are two places, well ok three but two are owned by the same guys, that you must go to.
Au Pied du Couchon ,Joe Beef and Liverpool. 

Au Pied is just a lovely neighborhood resturant that I anticipate to be good that turned out to be the second best meal of my life( first was on a road trip in California at a hole in the wall Mexican place where grandma was cooking and daughter didn't understand us but the food was beyond amazing....but that's another story) it was this that you see above... Stuffed pigs trotter. I plan on attempting it next weekend. I have to wait till Tuesday till the local butcher slaughters their pigs...ohhh yah!
There is no way to describe how good this was. I ate the leftovers two days later and still melt in your mouth. The care they go into their food shows through. And it's only because of this love of food and care of it that's great food is made.

Joe Beef and Liverpool are owned by the same men and again they take such pride in their food. But there is also a sense of history and humor in it too. I love their Foie Gras Eclairs and in their Joe Beef cookbook the section on train food. Clearly, they not only love their food history but are proud Montreal people.

I have never been to a bad Boulanger in Montreal. Lots of shitty bakeries in Buffalo...not so many in Montreal. There is a place in old Montreal called Glacé that had the most heavenly cupcakes. As seen above...this beautifully made cake was rich and dense but not overly good.

Other places to check out are the little neighborhood tucked away small places. I had an amazing kibbie and kebab at a basement restaurant where the gay cashier and I were catty about the slutty girls flirting with the guys I was with. Oh to share those moments ,precious I say. Just precious .

And yes, Schwartzs is soooooooooooooooooo worth the trip..omomomonnnnnnnn

And befriend a chef or cooks, find out where they go to after closing time. That's when 
Shit can really get interesting . Just remember , Montreal as lots of hills. Makes running in heels difficult.

Just saying. 

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