Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Strange little girl where are you going.......

First let me say that I made this wonder stock tonight. I felt all old school culinary student,roasting bones ...deglazing my pan ( ok tip here...electric burners suck donkey bum and should be outlawed. They are worthless pieces of poo. Anyone who says they work better than gas owns a lovely piece of land in Florida with a slight water and gator problem... Ie they are fools).
Anyway, I deglazed my pan to get my lovely yummy bites off and into the pot. Old school meh sort of. I didn't have tomato paste and they are straight beef with no veal . I wish I had a bigger pot too . But lucky for me I didn't because my second fridge bit the dust last week so I have to make small manageable stocks and not "stock" pile...teeeheeee I made a funny.
Cold water and mire poix into pot ....6 hours later.

So there it is...it's cooling then into mason jars. Tuesday ,we push the marrow out and save it....yummmmmmy!

So back to my original train of thought which has actually reappeared.

I know I will never be a wealthy person from my job...that's not why I am in it. But what I like to do is some how use my knowledge and my own passion for what I do and give back into the world.
Ideally I like to follow in the footsteps of Jamie Oliver in a way. His 15 restaurant gives young people a place to train and be productive members. My idea is not that...lol
But it would involve a working farm that had a beautiful restaurant attached to it. Young people lets say 16-24 could train there,to learn not only the cooking aspects but also where the food actually comes from and to gain respect for food but for those who work hard to grow it and produce the final outcome. They'd learn seasonality, slaughtering,butchering ,proper food handling from start to finish.
I love to have a bakery and cheese maker there too just to round things out.

And there will be music!!!!!

I am actually quite serious too. I think there is a need to show kids where food really comes from and not a pre packaged piece of crap fast food. Far to long we have blinded ourselves and kids to sloppish cooking and throwing away food because of an inability to just cook what we have.

I need to write my plan.... Probably need someone to actually help me with it. I am sure I will just get lost trying say what I need to and end up sounding like a fangirl. Then try to get someone's attention about this. Maybe Jamie Oliver...hummm maybe Thomas Keller....he would be another person that's inspiring to me. They will be the ones to shove me to who I need to see about money. Because child,this well is dry like a menopausal women.

Anyone have their numbers?

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