Tuesday, January 29, 2013

You're an onion, you have layers....

My god ,people are EXHAUSTING!

It's food, right? It is not brain surgery and I am not here to cure cancer or reinvent the wheel.

So why do people have to be sooooo exhausting about it. Why does ordering food, storing,preparing ,cooling it down and storing it again have to be so dam complicated? Why is it a chore to see that if you want food a certain way and another place is doing it with a buggier budget,same amount of customers and more staff,.....shouldn't a big gosh darn RED flag go up...in SOMEONE'S head!!!

Ad this is just with people I sort have control over( control is a loose word, more I get in trouble when they don't listen to my suggestions which 97% are actually right)
I have a huge problem I have to fix that I know I can but at what cost......and is it worth aggravation ,headaches and not eating( wait , is beer a food group) then just to be told I suck by someone whose opinion of me does not hold much value?

This actually brings up a small point...I don't value certain people's professional opinion of me mostly cause they are on ,most days ,disrespectful about what I do and the job I need to do.

There is no good answer to my problem...my work one at least...lol

" sigh"  I feel like a salmon trying to spawn in jello.

I am fascinating....aren't I?

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