Saturday, February 9, 2013

Blessed are the Cheesemakers

I have to wonder how anything gets done at work . It's not that there are incompetent people around me..... Well that's not entirely true. But that's i suppose all in the beholder and I am sure there are some that think I am ( complete bullshit I might add)
But this week has thrown my kitchen into a tailspin that is nothing short of epic melt down of communication and crossing of lines.

What seems to be happening is that one of our managers,the GM, is in basic essence over stepping himself in my kitchen. But I believe in its basic manner, he is just trying to help. But the approach is pissing us off and breaking down the staff  moral we have taken care to build.

My sous N and I are trying to organize things and bring stuff to a good place where we are making food our guests enjoy and it's what they actually want. It's been a rough week though. Short staffed in cooks and dishwasher just puts more pressure and more problems. On top of it , I am being taking away from the kitchen to do other stuff,leaving N on his own with the GM who seems a little hell bent on proving him wrong.
Problem I see is the GM thinks that even I HAVE to listen to him.

Lol yeah, not.

I listen to all opinions given to me. But in the end it's all on me...everything food is on me.
And honestly with the GM messing about and coming changing stuff telling staff how to cook and portioning without even SPEAKING to one of us is crap.
Right now me and N are getting the short end of the stick and N is getting it harder in someways. His job was threaten today and that's crap. That's a big WHO the FUCK do YOU think YOU are????!!!
N is my employee and while he is stubborn and blockheaded,I trust him enough to know that even if I tell him to do something my way and he disagrees he will just to see if I am right cause if I am not he loves to say he was's more charming than it sounds because honestly I mostly do it to get under his skin and accept others people's way of doing something. I am more lets get a good end result. How he gets there and how I get there sometimes are different as long as we get there.

But don't you dare threaten my sous job! You do that you're threatening me and my job! I fought for N because he is smart and able. Like I said sometimes a bit " i know better" but that's more because we have a job to do and we can't stand still and be the same old crap.

So my job is to protect N and protect my staff. If I lose my job over it,then so be it. I have a career last I looked....I just happen to have a job here with it. I am lucky to be very smart and know my self worth and right now,I have a life worth living without all this mindless bullshit. I have earned the right to be able to do my job....just let me do my job the way I know how to do it...JUST LET me DO  IT!

I have a lot to think about over the weekend and a lot to write up so that I can speak what I need to say without interruption.

N and I had a few long talks today about everything and in the middle of it I did have to point out things that were wrong when I arrived during lunch and dinner service; i was helping the other dining hall with a special. But because of who I am and  in my own growth, conveying it to him wasn't hostile or bitchy or condescending.
I think he understood me better and that above all I did trust him to run the kitchen when I am not there. But only him.
I have his back.....I always will.

One last  thing that really is annoying about the GM :his flippant actions on how to correct something. If you're going to criticize the food and change it ,you better fucking make sure it's 5 star better not cafeteria crap "better". I will beat you down for that !

So...two chefs walk out of dining hall with ducks on their heads...........

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