Saturday, February 23, 2013

Rants of Amadeus women

Spell check is stupid on an iPad ,I swear. That was suppose to be something slightly different , but what the hell.
So it's almost 2am.... Bars are closing ..

I am home on my second gin and tonic , the house is quiet for once. This week , well it's been a week that has tested my abilities as a chef. It has tested me period.

I think I have come out ahead but I am sure I have paid some sort of price.
Here in lies the problem.

Every move requires a price to pay. Some big some small...all will effect the ultimate outcome. I think I play the game well because I keep not my interests up front I keep my staffs  first and foremost.
I don't know how well of a leader that makes me but ultimately that is only my business or problem.
I believe in me well enough that I am doing the utmost best or my staff and my company.

Right now though, I am dealing with issues and rouge staff and those who confuse friendship with the dynamics of the kitchen. Don't ever think you can talk down to me as if I am dumb.
I have forgotten more than most cooks will ever even dream of. My mind works fast and furious and leaves no prisoners .

Have I mentioned I almost lost my shit on my helicopter this week? Oh yeah! One small " just smile " comment and I almost tore into him...BIG TIME. Thankfully I was on my way to cocktail meeting! Cock massacre everted .

I so don't want to work today ! I just want to sit home cook some kick ass food ,drink and watch soccer....but I guess a soccer banquet does the same.....right?

Oh more later.....just need another drink.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah grrrrrrrrr

I want to go to the old pink on Saturday ......anyone ??? ;)

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