Sunday, February 24, 2013

Your quiet eyes won't sleep tonight

I have to say.... I am impressing myself on how really awesome I am at cooking.

Ok , I am sure your scratching your head and going, " Are you on crack? Are you not the women who says she can cook circles around anyone and how you have forgotten more than our sous chefs will ever know?"

Yes yes.....point? ( and yes, I Am talking to myself. But in my defense , I am talking to you  just in my head and answering for you to . By the way ,you are very nice, smell awesome and have great taste in beer.)

Back to the conversation at hand..... I have come to bring my own truths about myself lately as you have bared witness too. In them , I accept that I have crappy off days and I am unhappy on how whole meals though usually only aspects of the meal turn out as what I lovely refer to as tequila shrimp taco bad.
So when I am on....wooooooooooooooooooaoooohoooooooooooo BABY! I am on FIRE!


You have seen other pictures ...then there are these. I wasn't happy with that pink dressing which is tomato cucumber. Obviously it needed to be RED not blush.
I was going to put up the presidents dinner but the sauce au natural is missing and it doesn't look as good. But my god it was heaven! I made beef stroganoff with tenderloin today for the soccer team at school.. The secret is nutmeg and a little dill.mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I was talking with the catering director today about cooking styles and other chefs . He brought up a chef he knows that was trained in France and is all about fresh and local etc. my first thought was why did you come back and second , back to small town NYS. But t got in my head again about fresh ,local ingredients .
I'll never be able to do what I want at my current job in this regard. It's sad that I can bring local foods in because they cost to much to justify it.
So, that is why I am now writing my business plan for my own set up.

But that's already been started's a bit out there and I am not entirely sure it will be a viable business .i have been thinking about it for two or so years now. I made notes and did research on it too. To just place all duckies in a row. I scraped a lot of ideas, lie  awake for days ...weeks at night, just thinking and planning in my head. Now it's time to write and draw the plan out.
I found out there is a lot more planning to do than I realize and since I am doing it on my own, I need to slow it down so i am not over looking so when I send it to the money makers ...I have dotted all t's etc etc. So much to think about and plan for.

My idea is great I think and semi original but that's ok right?
Every time I think of the word plagiarizing , Cemetery Gates By the Smithes ,pops into my head.

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