Sunday, March 3, 2013

Stark raving sane

So what's a girl to do after being sick?

Well, have a cocktail of course. Serious ... Nothing beats chest congestion then a nice big girl gin and tonic.

Then off reading what someone in my group thinks is a next big thing because USA Today printed.
This is about food ,peeps, so play along like your fascinated by it as I am...I am not FYI.
So this article was all hey you should eat corn fungus cause it tastes like mushrooms(duh it's fungus)
Or poisson cru ,which is basically ceviche with coconut milk. Now that's far out and never been done before NEVER.

You might want to sit down for this next one.....places serving hot out of the oven cookies..EEKKK! This exists!!!! Someone wrote it as a food trend!!!!


Or (wait for it) empanadas!!! Yes! What you never heard of empanadas ? Well no fear, they are the new cupcake ,don't you know .  So I am sure there will be empanadas bakeries or pop up shops on every street corner in like ...umm never.

Ok , so even I know my spelling and grammar is a bit off and I should have an editor for myself while I write, but for fucks sake...,my kids can give you a better scoop on the food trends of the coming year.  Everything can be a food trend eventually . It depends on what the hipster kids all think is neatly or special. FYI ...I hate hipster kids. You have no taste in food ....or music. Or clothes because you insist on pay $100 for jeans I can get at St. Vinny for $.50 and  look better.

My mind just went blank....

I know it was pretty damn funny too.

Did I mention my hair smells really nice? Like ginger and water lilles.

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