Sunday, September 13, 2009

Human Soul of Dispair Longs for Substance


Food is what we all need and at times want. But what drives a craving and what drives us to fixate on it and at time obsesses over something of substance.
Pregnant women are allowed to give into what is called hormonal cravings. It is believed that their bodies crave something it is missing. Though i doubt that when the body is in need of more calcium, that triple fudge chocolate ice cream is what it had in mind.The same is to be said about young children. That they lean towards foods their body instinctively needs to grown and function better during the day. And it is only a learned habit of parents in the "be good and get a cookie" that we have evolved into not listening to the normal balance of our bodies.
But does anyone really say (on a normal daily basis) say,"gee i love a big peach"....(actually , i did on Friday and thank god we had just received our local produce order of peaches..mmmm mmmm good)
Most of us presume that the milkshake we think we want is what we need when really it is the body screaming for calcium.

I wonder if we paid more attention to the natural flow of "cravings" and body cues that we be a slimmer society rather than obese one.

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