Sunday, September 13, 2009

Polenta is good for you so SHUT THE F UP!

Stop rolling your eyes.
What is wrong with polenta? Or do you not even know what it is.
In a nutshell it is Italian for grits....cornmeal if you please because that is what it is. But the difference is that Polenta is damn GOOD.(grits are too if you slap them with a lot of butter and bits of herbs ...but then it becomes polenta..but i digress)

Polenta is probably one of my favorite things to eat.......... creamy with fresh herbs and goat cheese with plenty of butter of course and cheese. But stiff and fried is pretty yummy with say , rabbit with a sauce chassuer ( yes, i can toss out french words and know what they mean just like Joel Robuchon( great chef btw...but thats for another post all together.)
But this has little to do with what I am about to suggest you not only eat but try to make yourself ( you will be so proud of yourself when you do)


now now....stop your bitchin and listen for a minute. I thought the same thing...ewwwwwww.
BUT this is a wonderful dessert that is lemony without being puckerie and overly sweet.
The coconut gives it a slightly chewy texture that surprised even me.
I gave this recipe to my pastry chefs for one of our more important functions and it shocked even us how good it was and  how well it was received .

So suck it up and try something new !

Lemon Polenta Cake:

For the cake:

130 g ground almonds (or almond flour)= 4.5 oz

130 g shredded coconut= 4.5oz

130 g fine polenta (or yellow cornmeal) 4.5oz

1 teaspoon baking powder

grated rind of 3 lemons

270 g soft butter= 9.5 oz

270 g caster sugar 9.5oz

4 eggs

juice of 2 lemons

For the lemon glaze:

juice of 2 lemons

sugar to taste

For the lemon icing:

250 g icing sugar =9oz

juice of ½ lemon, approximately

-Combine ground almonds, coconut, polenta, baking powder and lemon rind, and set aside. Using electric mixer beat butter and sugar until pale and fluffy.

-Add eggs one at a time, beating well after each. Fold in dry ingredients and lemon juice until just combined. Pour mix into greased and lined 9-inch/24-centimeter round cake tin***** (not springform) and bake at 325°F/160°C for one hour or until golden and just coming away from the side of the tin.

-Meanwhile, make the lemon glaze by heating the lemon juice and sugar gently, until the sugar is just dissolved.

-Remove from the oven and cool in the tin. Run a knife around the edge of the cake to loosen. Pour on lemon glaze while cake is still warm.

-Allow to cool completely in tin before turning on to a plate, as the cake falls apart easily while warm.

-Spread the lemon icing over the cake when cooled completely. (You can make the icing more like a loose glaze by slightly reducing the amount of icing sugar.)

**** we did these in large muffin tins for individual cakes
This is not my original recipe .....just so ya know.

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