Sunday, September 13, 2009

Menu For High Holidays

For the non Jewish kiddies out a week there is one of many important holidays for the Jewish People.

The first is Rosh Hashanh....the Jewish New Year/Day of Repentance

And I ,being a good little chef, get the pleasure of serving dinner next friday to a small but wonderful group of students and other people who join us for dinner.

Here is our menu:

Cranberry and Peach Glazed Turkey Breast(Kosher)

Sweet Potato Tzimmes

Sliced Apples with Honey and Fruit Platters with Mint (Pre Set)

Toss Salad with Balsamic, French and Italian dressings

Herb Roasted Tri Color Potatoes

Lemon Orange Honey Cake

Round Challah

The Next High Holiday is Yom Kippur ........Day of Atonement
There is two menus . One for the dinner  and the following day for the Break Fast....not breakfast but BREAK FAST...the meal taken after the breaking of the fast...

The Dinner menu :

Chicken Schnitzel with Apricot Confit

Mash Root Vegetables

Steamed Haricot Verts with Balsamic Vinegar

Caramelized Onion Kugel

Green Salad (Sliced Onions and Tomatoes with three dressings)

Gelfilte Fish Warm (carrots and onions) Preset

Kosher Chocolate Cake

Break Fast:

Plain and Sesame Bagels

Whipped Cream Cheese

Lox w/ Capers

Sliced Tomatoes, Onions and Lettuce

Tuna Salad with Celery

Deviled Eggs with Olives


Relish Tray with Carrots and Celery

Kugal Apple Cake

now i know your problem going,"how cool, you have a kosher kitchen." Well, I don't. But i do what i can and respect jewish laws in regards to my menus. All my meats,breads etc are kosher. The vegetables and fruits because that is not an issue, at least not to my knowledge.
It does make for some insteresting menus that is for sure.

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