Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Won't you please come talk to me.......

I think people in general are missing a very basic skill: talking
Now ,ok , we all talk....I get it.

But does anyone really TALK and for that matter do we listen?
I know I used to talk .... A lot. About what ,I am really not sure. Probably about work and stuff related to it. And I probably talked way to much about it.
I have found myself trying to be a listener of late. It's not as easy as you think. I think even good listeners find it hard to have to concentrate on the nonsense we as humans rattle on about. I know at times I have been a bad listener . It's is something I actively try to do: just shut up and not say anything till I need to not when I want too.

Whatever happen to long into the night conversations about nothing but what popped into your head?
Why do we let work and life interfer with the basic need to connect to one another through talking...mutal.
Why is it people only really talk during crises or when one person has had a long day. But even then it's short and glossed over.
Why not just put the remote, the phone,the computer away....grab a few beers and just talk...both of you. I prefer one on ones because I like givening my attention to one person....but that's me. I adore sitting on the porch.....no kids... Just a fridge full of beer,music in the background, food on the grill and (insert favorite person)to talk to.

Mind you ,this has Nothing to do with what I really want to talk about.....

It's time to get myself fired.

But that's for Tuesday...I am tired and I have to deal with a one on one with my boss Tuesday . I really don't want to because I honestly don't care what he has to say anymore. But that's for tomorrow.

Here is some food porn and Elderflower drink which is my new favorite thing

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